Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thing 23

Je suis finis!

Did the survey. Actually I thought it would be a longer survey! Hey guys, next time go for it and rack our brains! More details are sometimes the best!
I really enjoyed this project because it made my computer world suddenly revolve around the library, which I had never really thought of before. Now I can look at something and think to myself, can I use this for the Library?
I am appreciative because my world has suddenly discovered RSS and podcasts. I really enjoyed the book based social networks. I loved helping my coworkers and racing along with them to finish. :) I think us talking about the certain things also really expanded on the things themselves.
I can't believe I finished on time! Rah rah! I was flabbergasted by Thing 17 that opened my eyes about ELM. Databases rule! I couldn't believe that suddenly I could be organized by what seemed like a billion Online organizers! And map out my school projects and library projects!
My only complaint would be on the instructions of the different Things. Sometimes I wouldn't read thoroughly enough to start correctly or understand, but most of the time i felt like I was wading through a bog of misdirection (often times it was because the 23 website didn't seemed to be proofed or edited) by half a sentence or missed words.
I don't know if I would use Google blogger next time. It seemed slow and burdensome most of the time.
It was just that if this program was for beginners, it really needs to be set up for beginners. If I, who had more experience than any of my coworkers had trouble, I found that often times my fellow staff members gave up because it was too complicated (or rather, it really was that complicated, but seemed to be).
I would do this again if offered for sure!

23 things is to me:

1 month of taxpayers money: $345.00
23 hours of inspired worktime: lots of patron's raised eyebrows
Learning Library 2.0 programs online: free
The knowledge of 23 things: priceless

Thing 22

I have jitters in my stomuch! I can't believe I'm almost done with my 23 things!
I think I'll miss it alot...I do like learning very much.
But the idea of this thing was to make a resolution about continuing onward with Library 2.o.

or what we call good intentions

1. I will continue on with my blog. I think i will orient it around the library. Many possible things to blog about:
a. My soon-to-be webmaster title. I am a bit nervous about setting up two social networks
and keeping them updated, fun, family safe, and of course, instructional.
b. Library issues, humor, perhaps my ventures into DeviantArt? Youtube? and other things.
c. Podcasting? Shelfari...
2. To look at others blogs, maybe help those on the final stretch, troubleshooting (i do this alot at my library), and enjoy the general idea.
3. Help my coworkers with their blogs.
4. Write at least once a week.

Oh my word. One more and I am finished! How exhilirating!

Thing 21

Social Networks.
I perused a ton of the links on Thing 21 instructions. I didn't know there were so many out there! As per se my last blog, you can tell they aren't exactly my cup of tea. But...
Joined 23 Things Ning. Made a comment, looked at posts. What a neat idea. And it was fun to see all of us 23 thing people joining together to talk!!
I am a part of Shefari. My shelf is at the bottom of this page. I am constantly reading new things, so it is hard to update books when computers are slow and then readjust my updated widget for my blog. :)
I can see some of these networks would be good links for those wanting to discuss books or other library oriented things. So if my library were to get a webpage I might include some links to these sites.

Thing 20 Myspace and Facebook

Here we come to an impasse. I refuse, refuse to get a Facebook account. I am in the generation that accepts this as a normal social thing. One gets invited to weddings if one facebooks. One can see if another has broken up because of Facebook. Get poked! Write on someone's wall! Join a group! Have so many friends that suddenly it really doesn't matter anymore that friends aren't really friends. Hideous. So what can I do? I have been invited so many times to join, so that my friends can have me in their sights, but I am a ninja. I am elusive. I slip through fingers and cracks. AND I REFUSE. I do know about Facebook though. My younger brothers all have accts. I sometimes for fun peruse their pages, that tell me more than they will tell to my face. Gah.
I want to complete my 23 things, but really...please...I know Facebook. I will be my library's Facebook webmaster if we get a page. Actually it's more like when my library gets a Facebook Page. That will be fun! I will have alot of fun doing it!
But aha! I do use Myspace. It is less secure than Facebook and so it allows more anonyminity (sp?). This, yes, does allow not so good things to happen. But at the same time, I believe that if you don't go looking for those things, then you are safe. I use it merely for social means. Only my true friends are connected to the page and I use it as a means to keep in contact with my friends in the Phillipines. :) I am a strange bird.
On Myspace one can set up pictures, movies, blog about things, write emails, get posts, send out general posts, add friends, look up old friends, get birthday reminders!, and generally can be used socially. It even has IM, which I have used to IM my friends still in high school.

minutes later...

Sheesh...if only I read directions a little better. I see we only have to pick out one of the social networks! Yay Myspace!!!!! Ok.
So here's the deal. I am friends with the St. Paul Public Library's Myspace page and the HCL Myspace page. They both rock!

The wonderful thing about these two pages is that they give all the info you need, send out public announcements and everything basically links back to the Library's home page.'s in the works that we're going to get a Myspace page here at this library and I am going to be one of the webmasters! Hurray! I can't wait! Another keen thing about Myspace is that alot of authors and bands have their own pages and you can add them to be friends. Like Meg Cabot and Holly Black! I would totally use the format of linking back to the library's main page. I'd also really try to reach out to the teen faction of our library. They are on Myspace and Facebook for hours at a time (usually at the library) and it would be good to let them know about the things going on at the library and to hear what they have to say about the library.
Rock on!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thing 19

Podcasts have been rather elusive to me before. Probably because I thought one had to have a MP3 player to listen to them and I really haven't been that big into listening to shows or things like that for awhile.
So I went to Minnesota Public Radio's Current page and checked out their podcast. I really like the radio station (it's FM 89.3 if anyone is wondering) and enjoyed listening to their podcast. My favorite though was from Mugglenet's page. They had the best podcasts all the way through the last three books of Harry Potter and they are still going strong. The webmasters of Mugglenet are so well known that they actually have interviewed JK Rowling in person and she says the website hosts a phenomenal amount of information about her world.
So here is the link to their most current podcast...
I think I might be more interested in podcasts and listening to them, but as I am not often at my computer except at work and do not have a ipod or MP3 player I am sorta at a loss.
Notice my podcast RSS of MPRs fav songs of the week, all picked by listeners like you and me!

thing 18

my youtube video is embedded below. Although now that I have done this, the rest of my blog doesn't show up on my page. Why?! I have been trying to embed this video for a week, but Yahoo and Google blogger has been so slow that it is almost impossible. I am so close to the end of the 23 things but somehow it's out to thwart me!So I hope this posts and my blog will appear, I seem to not even be able to edit my past post. :( *Tears*

Common Misconceptions of the Eden Prairie Library :)

Yes. Chanhassen does have tigers. I've seen them myself. :)